The Aura of Catching | A short video from a day's fishing

Whilst taking a day out from London I decided to drop down to Brighton for a day's fishing. Weather was overcast, light winds, and slightly choppy seas (perfect for fishing). Between rigging up, casting, and reeling in, I decided to film snipppets of moment's which (for me) visualise the aura surrounding a day's fishing on the wall.

Below, is the full video



Whilst visiting Copenhagen, I bought both my video & photo kit, but shortly found to be (for some reason) uninspired to take pictures. Therefore, I decided to focus a little more on the video side of things on the trip.

Here's a small video I put together:

Making The Move Into Videography

For along time, I've been wanting to get my self a small videography setup. Applying the skills I've already learned through photography, I've been super keen to put together more and more video content.

Below, is a small video I put together, using the Panasonic G7 + Kit lens:


Thanks for watching!